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During the extraordinary events of 2020 we are exploring a number of issues that you may be thinking about.  Here are a series of short videos  

We would be glad to hear your responses.

Do you know the love of the Good Shepherd?

What does the future hold for you?

What ‘Giants’ are you facing?  

Jesus is our Good Samaritan

Where do you put your trust?  

Will you commit your way to God?  

Jesus enables us to know God as our Father

Where can the marginalised be accepted?

Will you delight in God?

How do we know forgiveness from God?

Do not fret

What do you do with your cares and anxiety?

Where does your hope lie?

Will you accept the invitation of Jesus?

What does it mean to be Born Again?

Heart Condition

Sharing the Good News

Did you know that God wants to speak to you?

Did you know that Jesus took your punishment?

But who do you say Jesus is?

Is it about what you want or what you need?

It’s all about your perspective

God’s kindness to us is Jesus

Will you fix your attention of Jesus?

Will you turn back to God?

Who is Jesus to you?

What a sacrifice

Whose promises can you trust?

What is true freedom?

What is Prayer?

The Lost Coin

Who are you following?

What is the Truth?

Are there burdens that you are carrying?

What is your greatest need?

Will you trust God to take your punishment?

Is Jesus the foundation of your life?

Who can remove the stain of guilt?