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The Lord’s Prayer Mighty Message!

‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ means to tell God and thank God for all the wonderful things He does for us.  What are some of the wonderful things God has done for you this year?

‘Your Kingdom Come’ is an unusual one.  In Luke 17 20 - 21 Jesus tells some Pharisees, ‘The coming of the kingdom of God is in your midst’. One of the ways that the kingdom of God can be seen on earth is is by what we do for others.  So when we say ‘Your Kingdom Come’, we are actually asking god what we can do to share His Love in a darkened and often unloving world.  What are some things that you can do to share God’s love today?

‘Forgive Us Our Debts As We Forgive Our Debtors’.  We often find it hard to forgive when we have been treated unfairly.  We see what others do so clearly.  But if we were the ones to treat someone unfairly, that is harder for us to see. Why do you think it is easier for us to see the sins of others than our own sins? Nobody likes to be wrong.  How does it help, when trying to forgive, to think of something similar that we have done?  It helps us to see the offending party as more like us and we like them.

The Lord’s Prayer

Hey Sunday Schoolers!
We hope you are enjoying the summer holidays and having fun in the sun.  
Today we continue our look at The Lord’s Prayer.


Find the colouring in your packs

Can you remember all the words to the Lord’s Prayer?
  Record it and get a grown up to pop it on the Hope Church WhatsApp group